Our HR Policy

Development of human potential can be named the most important success factor for today’s oil industry. We offer a wide range of possibilities for self-development and unlocking potential, opportunity for career advance.

Voskresenskiy’s staff is a team of skilled professionals. Our current success is based on their hard work, eagerness to develop their skills further and accumulate knowledge. That is why our Top Management encourages every employee to participate in training and further education programmes.

In order to create the most favorable working conditions we not only supply our staff with up-to-date and safe equipment and technology but also provide high salary and social support level.

Voskresenskiy’s Trade Union considerably contributes to development of social and labor relationships between staff and Top Management. Our Trade Union activity concentrates on representing every our employee’s interests and rights disregarding if they are registered members of the Trade Union or not.

Our Trade Union also contributes to the development of Voskresenskiy’s performance. It deals with issues considering occupational safety and health, improvement of working conditions, recreational activities, providing health care to the employees and their children. Taking good care of our employees is another key factor that allow us achieve business success, win professional awards and have our work to be recognized on the domestic market and abroad.

Today all the basic social security protection, compensations and bonuses guaranteed to our employees are stated in the Solidarity Contract, which is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and beneficial for the employees in Krasnodarskiy district.

Besides Trade Union we also have Youth Council. Its activity aimed at encouraging professional, social and creative development of our young employees. The Council closely cooperates with Voskresenskiy’s Top Management and Trade Union in order to achieve these goals.

Our HR Policy is finding perfect balance between renewing and keeping highly qualified and skilled employees in accordance with needs of our society and requirements of current legislation and HR market.

Voskresenskiy’s HR Policy provides:

· Growth of Stuff Performance effectiveness at every level of Production process;

· Engaging of the most qualified professionals and creating opportunities for implementation of their abilities;

· Development and execution of productive system of employees training and self-development;

· Development of productive payment and motivation system;

· Fostering of business culture in order to increase employee loyalty to Voskresenskiy NPZ.