Crude oil produced by the Company was delivered to the Russian domestic market and the markets of CIS and foreign countries. The crude oil exports to non-CIS countries amounted to 10.4 million tonnes of oil, while deliveries to neighboring countries amounted to 1.3 million tonnes of oil. The main volume of crude oil supplies to the domestic market was aimed at ensuring raw materials for loading the Voskresenskiy Refinery
In 2015, there were 26,424.8 thousand tonnes of Voskresenskiy Refinery’s oil resources were treated and delivered to the transportation system and including balances the amount of 26,699.8 thousand tonnes was delivered to consumers.
In addition to its own resources the Company sold 2.1 million tonnes of oil of the independent oil companies, including:

  • export (far-abroad and CIS countries) – 0.4 million tonnes;
  • domestic market – 1.7 million tonnes.

Outside the Voskresensky district , the resources of the oil production enterprises with participation of Voskresenskiy Refinery, LLC  in the Voskresensk  regions were sold in the amount of 61.6 thousand tonnes by-passing the AK Transneft system in 2016